From Dr. Larry

Dr. Larry Gelman is fiercely devoted to each client, with a deep and profound respect for their own self-agency and self-determination.

19:1 RULE

For your immediate consideration, may I suggest a little tool?
Before you criticize yourself or another, please apply my 19:1 rule.

If you look hard-enough for fault, you will surely find it in each and every 1.
And “as you sow, so too shall you reap,” when all has been said and done.

But if 19 times prior, appropriate acknowledgement is both positive and true,
Then by the 20th verbalization, there shall be enormous credibility of what say you.

Having said 19 “warm fuzzies,” will you then have responsibly earned...
The “price of admission” to impart a lesson of the “cold prickly” you want learned.

19/20 committed positive reinforcements count for exactly 95% of the whole;
Earning you the 1/20 (or 5%) privilege of being once in the constructively critical role.

Whether criticality is applicable to all others or only to just you,
The 19:1 rule is what I recommend that you most certainly do.

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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