PMS is the "right choice for you"

Have you ever felt confused because you did not fully know all of the rules, especially, the residual ones which are typically gleaned from experience? 

Have you ever felt disappointed because you had the skills and abilities to meet the tasks and challenges before you but lacked the polish to be taken seriously by those around you? 

Have you ever felt frustrated because you were motivated to succeed but fell short because you occasionally needed a helping hand? 

Why mentoring? Why not! 

Personal mentoring is an intelligent, economical and practical investment in you and in your future. 

If you want to better learn some of the “residual rules”, incrementally improve your personal or professional “polish” or simply need a healthy “assist” from a mentor who can help you achieve some of your goals, Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) is the right choice for you.

Personal mentoring is a professionally-structured “personal” relationship that you voluntarily choose to enter, develop and implement, in conjunction with your personal mentor, in service of mutually agreed upon objectives.  It is a professionally-structured insofar as the relationship is intended to be of utility to you, conceptually, experientially and in vivo, within the bounds of usual and community standards of “professional” propriety. 

PMS is a “personal” relationship insofar as the relationship is intended to be a warm, friendly and informal “give-and-take”.

In our view, personal mentoring is extremely different from life coaching. 

The focus of a life coach is generally limited to a performance-based, task-oriented agenda which is invariably predicated upon a subordinate-superordinate hierarchical relational model.  Consequently, a life coach is sort of like the “director” of a pre-scripted play in which the actor performs to an externally-based criterion, in accordance with the stated goals and expectations of the life coach.  The coach leads and the actor follows.  Success is contingent on the actor doing the “right thing” to obtain the coach's approval.  Clearly, there is benefit to be derived from a life coach when an individual is dependent upon external, direction, instruction or approval.

The focus of a personal mentor is unlimited insofar as it is agenda-free, process-based, life-oriented and predicated, at core, upon a collaborative, non-hierarchical relational model.  Consequently, a personal mentor is the very special agent, advocate and ombudsman of YOU, an emerging and evolving "work of art" in-progress.  Success is contingent upon you doing what is "right" even if some of the things you do along the way are not right.  Coaching is impartial and biased in the service of addressing a specific behavior or skill so that you participate or contribute better to a group or team.  Personal mentoring puts the “I” back in life and the “me” back in meaningful! 

Personal mentoring is also extremely different from traditional counseling and psychotherapy.

The focus of a mental “health” provider is to assess, diagnose and treat reported or suspected mental “illness” or other abnormal, deviant or pathological social, emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral problems-in-living.  Historically, the entire mental health industry has seemingly been based upon an initial premise that something is probably “wrong” with the person who has sought or was referred for therapy.  If so, then perhaps they are suffering from a “disease” process which must be medicated and/or otherwise treated to restore them to mental health. 

Fortunately, some mental health providers have long ago recognized that, what may initially present clinically, as corroborating or confirmatory symptoms of a diagnosable mental illness, may really be a manifestation of that person’s “dis-ease” with one or more of their life-domain stressors.  However, in order to qualify for third-party insurance reimbursement, the provider must legitimize a diagnosis of mental “illness”.  If you look hard enough for what’s wrong with someone, you will usually find it.  Interestingly, the converse is equally true.

Unlike the traditional approach to mental health service delivery, because PMS is a personal mentoring service, there is no need to diagnose or to treat any mental disorder!  The focus of personal mentoring is based upon what “adaptive resources” you already possess, or need to learn, in order to better address the multiplicity of “adjustive demands” throughout your life, inclusive of work, love and play. 

To be sure, if you require, or even think you may need psychological, social work or psychiatric treatment services, then it is important for you to seek competent professional evaluation and treatment at your earliest opportunity. Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) is NOT a substitute for traditional counseling and psychotherapy for individuals who may suffer from mental illness. In such instances, Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) may be a concurrent non-clinical service.

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