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Catching a Chimp

I once heard a story;

About a very clever method;

For catching a chimp.

To be sure, I confess;

I am truly uncertain;

As to the true veracity of the tale;

Yet, whether true or false;

The implications are;

Quite utterly profound!

Start with an elongated;

Heavy metal or ceramic urn;

New or used will do;

Do not monkey around!

Put a tasty banana;

Or olfactorily-pleasing cookie;

At the very bottom;

Of the weighty container;

Now simply relax and wait;

For soon you will see;

A curious chimp;

Actually a chimpanzee;

Will sniff a tempting treat;

With greed and desire;

Arm fully extended;

Hand fully opened;

Reaching deep-down;

Into and through;

Such a narrow limiting orifice;

Of a bulky, hulking, receptacle;

Laden with cookie as food;

Or perhaps banana as fruit;

And, of course, a chimp;

Hanging onto its loot;

With fist closed-tight;

Refusing to relinquish;

With all of its might;

Which makes it impossible;

To engage in flight;

Catching a chimp;

Like the play of a child;

For if it only once let go;

Could return to the wild!

 Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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