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"Feelings Aren't Right"

“Feelings aren’t right.”
They simply exist to orient us to what we need, want or require.

Affective experience is an ontogenetic precursor to cognition.
Developmentally, feelings occur long before our thinking with language is possible.

As such, feelings are pre-verbal and pre-logical.
Again, they simply exist to orient us to what we need, want or require.

A feeling is a transitory emotional state which will vary according to context.
To state this point differently, all feelings are subject to change!

Affective experience is the emotional iceberg below the visible tip of the felt feeling.
It comprises any given feeling in relation to the experiencing of the entire experience.

If it were possible to experience ’meaning’ at a pre-logical and pre-verbal level,
Then affective experience—as a verb—would “hit the nail on the head.”

Every birth-mother can quickly label what she felt when she labored and delivered...
But ask her what the experience of each was like and feeling words, alone, may never suffice!

Feelings are also a repository of potentially available emotional energy.
Energy can be used either for good or for naught.

But if harnessed and utilized wisely and well,
The energy of a feeling can power the world!

Consequently, if you feel any feeling, whatsoever, at all,
The affective experiential energy from whence it derives and obtains can power associated contextual change.

To old wit: “the more things change, the more they remain the same”...
To new wit: “the more things remain the same, what you do with feelings can affect how things change.”

Please be sure to remember that, strictly speaking, “feelings aren’t right.”
They simply exist to orient us to what we need, want and require.

Once we understand the value of what it is that we feel at any given moment in space and time...
All that remains is for us to do is address and resolve our needs, wants and requirements.

Not because our “feelings aren’t right.”
Because our feelings “right” us by our doing “right” because of what’s “not right” due to how “not right” we feel!

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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