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Dr. Larry Gelman is fiercely devoted to each client, with a deep and profound respect for their own self-agency and self-determination.


Have you ever found yourself deep into something besmirching which was really messy, icky or dirty in your life?

If so, consider my counseling and mentoring visual metaphor of a foot-in-the-garbage can.

In fact, I challenge you to actually do it right now!

Find a garbage can to accommodate your foot and stick it as far down and as deep into the container as possible.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth several times in rhythmic fashion to calm yourself.

Contemplate your predicament.

Ascertain very deeply how you got into the situation in the first place.

Give some considered consideration to how it all feels.

Lastly, what it is that you can do about your foot-in-the-garbage-can,

That will result in a positive and constructive outcome,

Whether it got there intentionally, accidentally or otherwise?

Before you do anything else though, imagine how you appear to someone else,

Or to yourself standing so ridiculously there with your foot-in-a-garbage-can?

Now take a few steps and notice the awkwardness in your gait due to the encumbrance of the container.

See if anyone is prepared to walk with you,

Or to dance with you,

And if you are even able to function properly as a good dance partner.

My guess is that with your foot-in-the-garbage-can, you will very likely be markedly impaired.

The necessary activities of walking, skipping, hopping, running and dancing in your life will suffer.

All because you are now “deep in the thick of it” with your foot-in-the-garbage-can.

The graphics are pathetic, if not altogether, ridiculous.

For goodness sake, extricate your foot-in-the-garbage can, now!

Lean on something or someone for support, if need be.

Then, systematically clean yourself up and dust off any remaining debris.

Take the garbage can and pour all of its contents out onto a large table.

For each and every piece of garbage in front of you, one of three disparate tasks beckon your next actionable move.

Act on it, file it, or toss it.

Whatever is tossed goes back into the garbage can.

And if you want to know the special “secret sauce” of how to really and truly let it go...

Make absolutely certain that you keep the garbage can with its remaining contents close to you,

So very near and dear...

So that whenever you need or want to immerse yourself back into the thick of it,

That is, any of the garbage in your life...

It will be there for as long as may be necessary...

For you to do one of three disparate tasks beckoning your next actionable move.

Act on it, file it or toss it...

Ad infinitum,

Until you no longer have legitimate need or sane reason,

To remain mired in the debilitating muck,

Of the messy, icky or dirty garbage in your life,


Hitherto, you found it unnecessarily necessary,

To prance around with nary but your lovely


Erroneously convinced, that you really had no other viable choices...

And no other really good options

To do other than live with what you had gotten yourself into,

And be encumbered by it forever,

With your foot-in-the-garbage-can.

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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