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"Gap Between Thoughts"

What does it mean when the “master” encourages the “disciple” to “contemplate the gap between thoughts?

Exactly what is expected of the “disciple” to satisfy the “master” by tackling such an impossible assignment?

Is there really ever any meaning, purpose and value which derives and obtains from contemplating anything?

The problem with this task is that the moment you contemplate, or think about, what you are supposed to do, you have already succeeded at failing because the intended deeper goal is to contemplate how to contemplate in the ways you need to contemplate not to contemplate in order to become “at-one’ with the “gap between thoughts.”

Stated differently, in order to become one with the ’gap between thoughts,” you have to become the “gap between thoughts” and to get there, you have to perform three not-so-easy steps: first by seriously contemplating what you are contemplating, second by seriously de-contemplating what you were contemplating and third by seriously re-contemplating what you were contemplating leading to a meditative state of noncontemplative contemplation.

You will know that you have finally arrived at the party when you start out by necessarily failing at succeeding, doing the literal task required of you, to you, so that you end up by necessarily succeeding at failing, to arrive at a state of being, which enables you to get into the “gap between thoughts” because you are not only just in the gap.  Rather, you are the gap!

If you have the courage to take a “leap of faith” into being the “gap between thoughts,” you may discover that a moment is really a holographic representation of eternity and that you are really a holographic representation of the Divine.

When you have practiced exercising this mental discipline so that it becomes easy and effortless, then in all likelihood, you will have birthed within yourself a profoundly respectful and humbling foundation stone permeating the interdependent structure of how you are who you are, both, for yourself and in relation to all others...forever!

And from such a lived perspective, the only “gap between thoughts” will be when you think about each gap instead of committing fully to be the gap and within each gap and live each moment as though it was your first, your last and every single other one in between.

The secret to living in the moment of the now, I think, is to master contemplating the “gap between thoughts”!

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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