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How to Be a Good “Crazy” Person!

Many years ago I stumbled upon the ‘secret formula’ of how to be a good “crazy” person:
Simply live your life in such a way that you “know you know and know you mustn’t...”
Then whatever follows can only remain a compensatory adaptation to living your life a lie!

The ‘antidote’ is equally straightforward:
When you “know you know, and know, and act accordingly and consistently with that which you know...”
Then whatever follows can only result in living your life a truth!

I suspect that most of us “know” what we “know” even when we don’t “know” how we “know.”
In addition, we often “know” when we “know” even though we don’t “know” why we “know.”
The point is that we usually “know” we “know” whether we want to “know” or we don’t want to “know.”

Sometimes, we have a foreboding sense about our knowledge because it may oblige us to act upon it.
For example, learning that our neighbor is abusing their child requires us to intervene... or not.
What should you do when you “know you know?”

Maybe we feel that someone important in our life is not entirely who they purport to be.
How should we deal with an intimate we suspect is not telling the whole story?
Do we risk confrontation or trick ourselves into thinking what we “know we know (and) we know we mustn’t?”

I recall a client early in my career who alleged a multi-year history of being victimized as a girl by “sick and sadistic” incest.
She married a man who “could never hurt me like that” and, according to her, he never did...
Except for the one night “he helped himself” while she slept... or, as she eventually confided... “pretended to be sleeping.”

When “you know you know and know you mustn’t” you risk living your life, whether, in part or in whole, a lie!
When “you know you know and know; then act accordingly and consistently with that which you know...”
Then you will have an incredibly difficult time ever-becoming a good “crazy” person.

The woman who “pretended to be sleeping” was awake the entire time!
She knew she knew and knew she mustn’t! She chose not to know; then said, “I need to have a nervous breakdown because I feel I’m going crazy.”

Only after she confided to me that she knew she knew, and knew, was she no-longer prepared to compensatorily adapt to a lie and her awareness, acceptance and action relative to her truth, eventually, “set her free!”

The ‘secret formula’ is yours to keep as my ‘gift’ to you.
If you want to be a good “crazy” person, it’s really not all that difficult!
Just “know you know and know you mustn’t.”

The ‘antidote’, is yours, gratis, as well.
“Know you know and know; then act accordingly and consistently with that which you know.”

Living your life a truth and not a lie renders “crazy” no ‘secret’ at all!

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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