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"I Count Grains of Sand"

He was but a humble young adult visitor from a foreign land, a guest in the home of a very wealthy older man.
Opulence, bordering on decadence, permeated every room of the host’s palacial estate.

A clever psychopath-in-disguise and less-than-honorable man, the elder made a most striking first impression!
Who was this heavily monied individual with visible means beyond compare, thought the wide-eyed foreign lad.

Timidly, he queried his host: “Sir, what exactly is it that you do?”
Whereupon, followed a most unusual and dismissive reply: “I count grains of sand.”

No further discussion ensued for how could it as the answer stopped the question completely dead in its tracks!
Actually, it was designed to establish firm unequivocal hierarchical dominance by tactic of false braggadocio!

“I count grains of sand” literally expressed the performance of a mundane, if not altogether, meaningless task.
But it implied that what he really did was extra-ordinary and, therefore, beyond the ken of anyone ordinary.

The would-be disciple had been shrewdly “reduced” by the opportunistic false master as originally planned.
As the less-than-honorable old man continued to count one more grain of sand.

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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