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Dr. Larry Gelman is fiercely devoted to each client, with a deep and profound respect for their own self-agency and self-determination.

Inciting Insight and Activating Action

The purpose of my writing is to “incite insight” and to “activate action.”

I have no objection to ideas and efforts which differ from my own.

In fact, I welcome them.

My humble goal is to think and judge and act for myself.

Along the way, I may have an opportunity to invite others to think and judge and act for themselves but only if they are receptive to my voice.

Truly, I am unaware of any particular need for me to be right or to foist my particular way upon anyone else.

I am but only one small voice in a universe filled with many voices.

However, I readily admit to 'inciting insight' and I readily admit to 'activating action.'

Actually, I have little choice because that is who I am and who I am to be.

There is a certain value, I think, to occasionally “stirring the pot” and “mixing things up,” but that's just my own very subjective notion.

Too much of any one thing leads to a kind of stasis which petrifies both critical thought and requisite action, which is another perspective of mine.

In my opinion, “insight without action goes nowhere” but “action without insight is a waste of energy.”

If I may pontificate a bit further, insight is inner sight or “in” sight.

Unless you're from Missouri...

In which case “seeing is believing.”

Or unless if you have the “fey” (i.e., intuition with first or second sight)...

Then, “believing is seeing.”

And sometimes, in order to see most clearly...

You may need to close your eyes to fully explore the darkness within...

Until you begin to “see” an eternal inner flame...

To “light your path”...

And to “cook up” your life.

Which invites you first to really look and see...

Then to seriously think, judge and act.

“Inciting insight” and “activating action”...

Seems to be a very modest goal, indeed!

Certainly for me but only as my respectful invitation to you.

For you to say “yea” or “nay,” as you deign to choose...

For you to “engage” or ”disengage,” as it may tickle your fancy.

And now, with your informed consent...

What say you?

And what will you do?

Unless I have failed to “incite insight” and “activate action,”

Or have you succeeded in doing that already for yourself and others?

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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