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What carpenter in their “right mind” would begin to build a house by starting with the roof?
What parent would give their 6 year old keys to the family car before they could ride a bicycle?
What employer would promote an entry-level worker to a key executive position on the first day of hire?

In the absence of “infrastructure,” you ain’t got nothing!
Infrastructure means investing in the basics from the bottom-up.
The “basics” are the foundation stones upon which a structure can emerge.

Infrastructure can be something as innocuous as getting a good night’s sleep...
On a comfortable bed and pillow...
With clean bedding and a warm blanket in a cool room.

Infrastructure focuses our attention toward that which is “inside-in.”
Inside-in focuses our attention toward that which is “characterologically stable.”
Characterological stability focuses our attention toward that which can be “built upon.”

If the carpenter starts with an architecturally competent plan...
And pours a rock-solid foundation followed by a sturdy edifice...
Then a properly sloped roof will well do the trick!

If a parent responsibly invests in teaching their 6 year old to ride a bike...
First with and later without training wheels in varying and vexing riding conditions...
By 16 years of age, the foundation for good driving will already have been very well laid.

If the employer planfully mentors new entry-level enthusiasm...
On the very first day of hire and every day, thereafter...
Then on one of those successive days a promotion to a key executive position may very well be in order.

The basics of infrastructure require attention to the smallest of details.
Like what materials are finally chosen to construct a house...
And who will be entrusted to actually put it all together.

Or when instructing a child to navigate a bipedally-operated two-wheeled machine...
If reinforced to ride with a helmet after thoroughly checking tire pressure and brakes...
The stage is powerfully set for later wearing a seatbelt and regularly performing routine vehicle maintenance.

And how about the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed occupational tyro, all-fired-up and rearing-to-go?
Learning to do his job— and several others, too—above and beyond and above and beyond the call of duty...
Infrastructure, herein, provides a solid base from whence “all things are possible” due to competence acquired.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the criticality of investing in infrastructure.
This is a fancy linguistic way of talking about dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s.”
And doing it right, the first time, each time, every time, all the time, even when you’re out of time!

In the absence of “infrastructure”, you ain’t got nothing!
Infrastructure focuses our attention toward that which is “inside-in.”
The basics of infrastructure require attention to the smallest of details.

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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