Dr. Glenn B. Gelman and Dr. Larry B. Gelman

For more than 35 years, Glenn B. Gelman, Psy.D. and Larry B. Gelman, Psy.D. have provided professional mental health assessment, diagnostic and treatment services to thousands of people.

As licensed clinical psychologists, we have devoted our entire careers to successfully helping others who feel lost, unhappy, confused or trapped find meaning, purpose and value in their lives.

As psychologists, we must evaluate each “clinical” client for a diagnosable mental illness and then provide treatment to reduce the nature, severity, intensity, duration and frequency of symptoms.

Increasingly, though, we have seen a steady increase in the number of psychologically healthy clients who seek senior-level “non-clinical” consultation for life issues and concerns.

Many of these “non-clinical” clients are extremely competent “movers and shakers” in their own right whose primary purpose for seeking personal mentoring services is to refine the quality of their lives in areas of work, love, and play.

What differentiates personal mentoring services from traditional professional counseling services is the emphasis upon what is right with you, not what is pathologically wrong.

Along our way, we have often sought the wise counsel of personal mentors, good and true, who provided us, by their lived examples, with excellent role modeling, that we might emulate such qualities and attributes in them that we experienced as personally meaningful, useful and relevant in our own life.

As personal mentors, Dr. Larry and Dr. Glenn provide you with alternative and complementary frames of reference to help you on your particular path in life.

We love what we do and care deeply about the people whose lives we are privileged to mentor.

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