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The moment of ”now” is the nodal point connecting historicity with teleology, or more simply, past with future in the present.

The past is over-and-done-with unless it is represented in the moment of the now in some way.

The future is a fictional expectation unless it is represented in the moment of the now in some way.

Now is both a noun and also a verb because in human terms it is alive for

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Excepting for the tree, if no one is around, what does it matter now in human terms?

Now does not mean not planning or not preparing for the future without the benefit of the lessons from the past.

Rather, now orients us to being fully present by fully experiencing, as receiver and giver, of said experience, like experiencing a performance as a member of the audience but also like experiencing a performance as the!

There is a powerful implication, herein, viz., that every nuance of the experiential tapestry of being fully human, of being fully alive means that we must experience the experience of our experience right now in the now of the now.

Otherwise, we may discover that everything else is now illusion, unless, of course, illusion is now our reality in the moment of the now!

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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