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Reaction vs. Response

Do you know the difference between a reaction and a response? Consider a marionette which is a puppet manipulated by the puppet master or marionetteer. When the strings are pulled, the marionette reacts in a passive and dependent manner. It has no choice but to do the bidding of its puppet master because it is only just a puppet. Whenever any strin...
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Robbed at Gunpoint

Robbed at gunpoint by only three men. Three against one seemed like overkill then. Money they wanted and demanded it now. If I refused, they promised to shoot me...pow! I said, if you please, a moment will I need. Assessing if I ought to acquiesce or bleed. Surprised were their faces when asked I for time. We got the gun, sucker; can drop you on a ...
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No one wants to be the one who is not “chosen.” There is almost always a sense that the “final selection” is, ultimately, unfair to one or more of the principals... As well as, inevitable questions being raised about one or more unfair criteria utilized in the selection-process. We may ask, rhetorically, what about the “chosen” one is any better th...
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