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Your Choice

It is easy to succeed at failing. Almost anyone can achieve this simple goal. Simply start by knowing right from wrong. Then choose wrong. By choosing wrong you can’t go right. (Except that three left turns make a right). Because when you choose not right... You have made your choice. All that remains is for you to act upon it. It is easy to succeed at succeeding. Almost anyone can achieve this simple goal. Simply start by knowing right from wrong. Then choose right. By choosing right you can’t go wrong. (Except that three right turns make a left). Because when you......
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Living with Regret

Regret is that state of being, which occurs either momentarily and/or for all eternity, in which the person living with regret, has chosen, of their own free will, to act or to behave in a manner, which results in a harm to self and/or to another. In other words, regret is generally an avoidable consequence when infractible behavior fails to occur. What might this mean to an individual who wants to live their life without regret? Do no harm! If you give your word, keep it. If you believe in something, stand for it, support it, fight for it. Walk the......
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Robbed at Gunpoint

Robbed at gunpoint by only three men.Three against one seemed like overkill then. Money they wanted and demanded it now.If I refused, they promised to shoot me...pow! I said, if you please, a moment will I need.Assessing if I ought to acquiesce or bleed. Surprised were their faces when asked I for time.We got the gun, sucker; can drop you on a dime! Gun pointed directly an inch from my chest.Heart pounding furiously unable to rest. Thought crossed my mind, I might fight my way out.But then quickly realized I could not even shout. Said gun grew larger, a real Colt......
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In my opinion, there are three positive (+) or good “E’s” and three negative (-) or bad “E’s”. The first good “E” is to be “Effective.” To do what you set out to do.To finish what you started.To do it correctly, preferably the first time.To achieve the desired result. If you are not effective, then you are ineffective. To not do what you set out to do.To not finish what you started.To not do it correctly the first time.To not achieve the desired result. Effective is good; ineffective is less good but not, necessarily, bad. Because you can do more of what you set out to......
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I’ve always been infatuated with the word “oomph!”I like the way it sounds akin to a traditional Zen “mantra.” The sound seduces all with an “oom” at the start,And concludes with a powerful “ph” sound at the end. If you listen carefully, what do the sounds of each enunciated word elicit deeply within you?Especially, if you string-out the “o” in “om” to say “o-o-o-o-o-m-m-m-m-m;”Or if you exaggerate the “oo” in “oomph” to say “oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-mm-mm-mm-ph-phph?” The other appeal of the word “oomph” is how it subjectively feels internally.For me, there is a palpable emotional tone which invites both serious and vivacious participation. I recall an old friend who, though “larger th......
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The Three Legged Stool of Character

“Character” is a “three-legged stool.” It is who you are when everything is going your way.It is who you are when nothing is going your way.It is who you are when no one is looking. The three legs do not have to be even. But the “stool” must be able to stand on its own.One leg may be longer or shorter or larger or smaller.But the “stool” must be able to stand on its own. The interesting thing about “character” is that everything matters and that everthing is connected to everything all the time. The person you want to become actually depends upon who yo......
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The Fulcrum of Truth

  Imagine a teeter-totter on a playground. The balance-point or center is called the fulcrum. Now think of the word: T-R-U-T-H equally positioned on the teeter-totter. Where is the fulcrum? It’s U! Now think of the word: T-R-U-S-T equally positioned on the teeter-totter.Where is the fulcrum? Again, it’s U! Take a breath.Hold it.Exhale. Think long and hard and deep.Consider what this means. If U are the fulcrum of your truth...And if U are the fulcrum of your trust...Then U are the fulcrum of you! The balance-point or center of the truth of your trust and the trust in your truth must......
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I grew up in a fairly rough Chicago neighborhood. Gangs were everywhere and the girl-gang was, especially, scary! But the bottom-line was there was a “code” and a “pecking-order.” Invariably, the “big peckers” were surrounded by “little peckers.” Pecking someone down was designed to establish relative hierarchical position, status and turf. In the neighborhood I lived in, jockeying for your place meant the difference between life and death. Well, more symbolically, you either decided to “stand your ground” or you chose to “give up without a fight.” In prisons, the inmate who is beaten and raped but defends himself every time is someone to be respec......
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