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“...Recommendation for Your Consideration...”

My bias is clearly explicated and wholly unequivocal. Each and every single time I deign to venture, even slightly outside my scope of professionalism and licensure, I invoke a well-rehearsed refrain that “...off the record, as a lay person in X, Y or Z field, it is my recommendation for your consideration...” In the real world of personal services consultation, in my opinion, it is generally preferable (either when the client directly engages the consultant in an explicit interrogatory or when it may be otherwise, appropriate), for the so-called expert to say that “...off the record, as a lay person in X, Y......
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“I Am Not A Man...”

For much of my professional career as a practicing clinical psychologist, I have articulated a sincere and explicit sentiment with virtually every adult female client and, usually by the end of the first session, that within the context of our professional relationship, “I am not a man but a doctor!” My reason has been to continually remind myself of what I will never know, as a man, about being female in the world! I am often fond of saying that “men live in the world of men but women live in the world of women and they must also live in the w......
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Your Choice

It is easy to succeed at failing. Almost anyone can achieve this simple goal. Simply start by knowing right from wrong. Then choose wrong. By choosing wrong you can’t go right. (Except that three left turns make a right). Because when you choose not right... You have made your choice. All that remains is for you to act upon it. It is easy to succeed at succeeding. Almost anyone can achieve this simple goal. Simply start by knowing right from wrong. Then choose right. By choosing right you can’t go wrong. (Except that three right turns make a left). Because when you......
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“Secret Keeper!”

“Listen...” “Do you want to know a secret?” “Do you promise not to tell?” Well, I have a really terrific secret for you. I am a “secret keeper!” A real, dyed-in-the-wool secret keeper. I keep secrets, secret! Not every secret, but most every secret. If you are a danger to your self... If you are a danger to others... If you cannot take care of yourself... If you cannot provide for your daily basic needs... If you are abusing or neglecting minors under the age of 18 years of age... If you are abusing or neglecting seniors 62 years of age and older... If......
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In my opinion, there are three positive (+) or good “E’s” and three negative (-) or bad “E’s”. The first good “E” is to be “Effective.” To do what you set out to do.To finish what you started.To do it correctly, preferably the first time.To achieve the desired result. If you are not effective, then you are ineffective. To not do what you set out to do.To not finish what you started.To not do it correctly the first time.To not achieve the desired result. Effective is good; ineffective is less good but not, necessarily, bad. Because you can do more of what you set out to......
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I used to think that mastery was a function of education, training and experience over time, place and circumstance. I was dead wrong! Mastery, like ethics, I suspect, is an aspirational goal. As such, it is not an end-point along a singular way; rather, it is one of many ways to achieve a useful result. One can “master” the alphabet, however, the use of letters to create meaning from words is a life-long process. Competence in the utilization of building blocks does not guarantee becoming a master builder. Of course, there are technical skills which necessitate high levels of proficiency to ren......
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