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Safe, Healthy, Happy

What do parents really and truly want for their children? We want them to be “safe, healthy and happy.” Everything else is “frosting on the cake.” Parents can survive anything save for the loss of their child. If a child is dead “all hope is lost.” If a child is alive “anything is possible.” It is my contention that we best protect our children from life by inoculating them with life... In doses commensurate with their readiness, willingness and ability... To navigate and integrate the experience. Along the way, our kids will get their fair share of “boo-boos” and they will fall down. All good......
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What carpenter in their “right mind” would begin to build a house by starting with the roof?What parent would give their 6 year old keys to the family car before they could ride a bicycle?What employer would promote an entry-level worker to a key executive position on the first day of hire? In the absence of “infrastructure,” you ain’t got nothing!Infrastructure means investing in the basics from the bottom-up.The “basics” are the foundation stones upon which a structure can emerge. Infrastructure can be something as innocuous as getting a good night’s sleep...On a comfortable bed and pillow...With clean bedding and a warm blanket in......
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Silver Linings

Depression among the elderly. The thought assaults the senses. One conjures images of wintered, diminished existences: life as relentless despair. See the dispirited old man, once proud and vital, now sad eyes glazed and emptied; the fractured, frail widow, demoralized and destitute, incapable of making basic decisions she too long deferred to others. The images fade to futility, bleak loneliness, and resignation - a living death. Depression is not an inescapable denouement of aging. We are no longer fated to dysphoric obsolescence. Indeed, more than ever, seniors live longer, vital and productive lives, filled with joy and purpose. Conversely, depression ......
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