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The Cause of Death

There is an old joke that “the cause of death for everyone is life!”

It has also been said that “the moment you are born, you begin to die.”

Admittedly, some people are living to die while other people are dying to live.

Is life the cause of death or is death the cause of life?

The physicists remind us that “nothing is created and nothing is destroyed.”

Matter and energy are supposedly completely interchangeable.

At least, they become the other when each cease to exist as they were before.

The seasons provide one powerful model for the circle of life as we know it.

“One season following another...laden with happiness and tears.”

Spring represents the birthing of new life and all of its attendant possibilities.

The oft-repeated phrase “hopes springs eternal” readily comes to mind.

Summer represents sustained growth and development of opportunities.

“Summer time...and the living is easy.”

Autumn represents maturation and harvesting the fruits of one’s fidelitous labors.

Autumn leaves turn to rich colors as they begin to fall from the very trees they adorned.

Winter represents decline presaging the anticipated encroachment of the end.

Snow and ice blanket the land providing a virgin shroud for whatever life had come before.

And then it begins all over again!

“One season following another...laden with happiness and tears.”

The cause of death is life; also, the cause of life is death.

They are opposite sides of the same universal principle uniting matter and energy.

Without life, there can be no death.

Without death, there can be no life.

The seasons of our lives seem analogous to the seasons of life.

Each of us spring into this world one way or the other, whether we like it or not.

We then must sweat and toil and bump and grind and work our fingers to the bone.

If we did what we were supposed to do we will invariably reap what we sow.

Then, it all comes to a crashing halt, either “with a bang or with a whimper.”

And one day our time is up and it is our time to die.

Clearly, “the cause of death for everyone is life.”

But less clear, perhaps, is the fact that were it not for the death of life, there would be no life after death.

If there is a time to live, then there must also be a time to die.

Conversely, if there is a time to die, then there must also be a time to live.

“One season following another...laden with happiness and tears.”

 Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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