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The Fulcrum of Truth

Inverted Fulcrum


Imagine a teeter-totter on a playground.

The balance-point or center is called the fulcrum.

Now think of the word: T-R-U-T-H equally positioned on the teeter-totter.

Where is the fulcrum?

It’s U!

Now think of the word: T-R-U-S-T equally positioned on the teeter-totter.
Where is the fulcrum?

Again, it’s U!

Take a breath.
Hold it.

Think long and hard and deep.
Consider what this means.

If U are the fulcrum of your truth...
And if U are the fulcrum of your trust...
Then U are the fulcrum of you!

The balance-point or center of the truth of your trust and the trust in your truth must always be U.
Unless you squander it away and subordinate the U in your truth or trust to whatever really isn’t you.

In which case U cease to function as a balance-point or center and you are off balance because U will be out of center.

Except, if you recalibrate the balance-point and re-center you by asserting you, by affirming you, by being you.

The maxim thus proved in T-R-U-T-H...
The maxim thus proved in T-R-U-S-T...

“You are the measure of all things”...

But only if you are prepared to center your U...
Within your T-R-U-T-H; within your T-R-U-S-T
And to T-R-U-S-T in you that U are fulcrum of your T-R-U-T-H.

No other balance-point or center will do.
U are the fulcrum of the T-R-U-T-H of you!

Some of the most complex truths in life are often quite simple.
When you are the fulcrum of you...
Then you are centered within which and out from which you are you.

Thereafter, no matter what balance-point or center may be required...
You will always be there for you, “all-in”, and always fully-centered.

Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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